I've received quite a bit of correspondence over the years, at least while I still had the email address working.(I kinda forgot about it for around 10 years or so.)

I regret not doing a better job of replying.

This Email Should Convince You to Sell Me the Domain



It seems you've been holding on to the domain name for a while now and seem to continue holding, which I must say, I do respect you for that.

Obviously I'm assuming many people have offered you money for the site, but it seems that's not what you care about. I have a hunch that you keep the domain name just because you enjoy receiving emails like this from people giving you various reasons as to why they should have the site. But at this point, it's been 10+ years of you doing this, and I think it's about time you shirk your responsibility of this domain name and offload it to me.

I will not give you a list of reasons why MY website will be so amazing and whatnot. But what I do promise is that I will actually create a website out of this. Instead of letting it sit stagnate forever like a '98 Porsche 911 stuck in a garage, I will let it loose.

Best Regards.

Please, I beg you, do something with this site


I have wanted to create this website for years. I think the absolute best way to do it would be by the students' NAMES along with their school. No identifying which course or which professor is making the post.

This would allow employers to see what they're getting into before hiring.

[Name and email signature redacted]

"RateMyStudents" Idea


It would be cool to have this site dedicated to UPLIFTING and ELEVATING students but allowing educators to give some of their students a shining rating. In this world of complaining for optics, I think this approach would be awesome and many students might even consider taking on some of the attributes that the "rated" students were described as possessing.

[Name and email signature redacted]


I hope some day you are a teacher so that you know what it’s like to work your tail off for little money and then get anonymous one sided reviews from students (which have been proven to be sexist and racist), and understand how rotten it is that you are holding onto this website doing nothing with it.

Sent from a mobile device. Please excuse typos. and it's future



Personally, I think it would be a cool idea to mirror this to ratemyteacher or ratemyprofessor and allow teachers to comment on students (maybe those who post reviews on them?). Or, something else that would be funny is if students rated other students, just if that was the case, make sure there’s a warning at the top not to take any of the reviews seriously because there might be some nasty ones. I understand you probably have better things to do, but if you thought these ideas sound cool, I have many incredibly skilled coder friends who could definitely make it work, maybe basing the code off rate my teachers. Just some ideas, but if you don’t want to do anything, i can understand, but I might be interested in a price for the domain (although I probably couldn’t afford it).

Happy holidays to you and those important to you!

[Initials redacted]


very simple and cool website!

[Screenshot of the homepage of this site]

Rate my students


This site can be used for student personal assessment and evaluation of learning styles to help current and future professors teaching methodology.

Students would be free to provide self-ratings so that they can learn based on a classification system.

Your website. I have an idea:


I could draw animated cartoons of college students.


[Name redacted]


To whom it may concern,

I consider to purchase the rights of your website domain at the moment.

Are you open for selling it in the future. If yes, how much would you like to have for it?

Kind regards,
[Name redacted]

Possible use for your domain


Hi there,

Not sure if this email is still in use, but I randomly searched up and found your site and I think it could be legitimate. Students and professors could register with information like their names, a picture of themselves, and what school they go to/teach at and professors can rate the students at their schools in a few different categories.

It would be voluntary, depending entirely on whether students register for it or not, which would avoid most security or privacy issues.

Let me know what you think!

Cannot believe this


On your website, you use a very hateful and offensive hashtag. “#NeverAgain” is an appropriation of a phrase used to refer to the holocaust. However, some ignorant fools took over that useful phrase to politicize it. It’s not that they don’t have a point, or that I don’t like their cause - rather, I find it incredibly hurtful how they have claimed that phrase. Please discontinue it’s use.

For your domain


You should turn this into a spin-off of ratemyprofessor!
Would be funny and better than collecting dust haha

What You Can Do


Well, you could make an almost exact replica of but with students instead. Teachers could rate their students anonymously. This was probably your original idea, but you just need motivation.

Does it still work?


Does this email work?

A great idea for your domain


Hello and Good Afternoon,

I recently had what I would call a "great idea", although not original, in having a website that teacher, instructors, and professors could rate their students. Whether these ratings be based on anything from great academic achievement to procrastinators who had the audacity to ask for make-ups or extra credit, the possibilities are endless!

I stumbled upon your domain and believe it would be a great thing to do in terms of the idea and would like to offer if i could purchase the domain from you.

Thank You as I hope you will consider this proposition



Any interest in selling the domain? I don't have anything like significant funding, but a few of my colleagues and I could have some fun with it to scare our students!

Best Regards,
[Name redacted]



I think you should turn it into "" Let students speak their minds anonymously about each other.

The domain:


I would love to see this site up and running. I think it should mirror the "ratemyprofessors" and "ratemyteachers" websites... but, it would be a place where teachers and college professors can write about their students just as easily, honestly, and anonymously as their students can write about them. Do you have plans for the domain?

Sell it to me!


You can sell the domain for a profit the covers the cost that you spent to do nothing with it for 5-7 years.

Warm Regards,
[Name redacted]

For teachers!


I think that you should set this site up so that teachers would be able to vent and talk about their students. They have and and all of that. So you need to set something up where they can also say things about us. My mommie is a teacher. And I asked her and she said that she only thinks that would be fair to the teachers. Students get on teachers nerves also. I sub, so I understand!!!!! I'm in college to become a teacher. And it is only fair game!



You asked for ideas for the website... I have just a small idea... provide a link to

(no subject)


I don't know if you're still around, but I think this site ought to be a parody of I just had a pretty bad semester and though I admit some of that is my fault, I really wish I could rate my students and tell them how bad they were as students (not naughty, just plain awful), but no luck - no outlet. Just a thought.

lol you are so funny


What to do with site



I'm very tempted to say that you ought to model it after to make a point. It would create a good deal of controversy and there's no such thing as bad publicity! However, I suspect that professors would refrain from posting because they know that their comments could seriously hurt the careers of students. Not that the postings on ratemyprofessors can't hurt careers either, but the professor tends to play the bigger person. There are definitely a few students I would love to post about :) but wouldn't. :(

Take care,
[Name redacted]

The answer to Ratemyprofessor


So, my colleagues and I have been talking about setting up a website like ratemyprofessor for students. We figure it would be a comical answer to the anonymous postings on ratemyprofessor. We could name students by name and rate them according to:

Caliber of work

Also, we thought we could do skunks instead of chili peppers. So a big slacker would get three skunks.

We've had great fun thinking about this.

This has probably been done before


Teachers already talk about students to other teachers. Why not make it easier by putting it up on the website? That way parents can check to see how their kids are in class, other teachers can find out how future students are, and teachers who really try who get put down can put down the students that got back at them without affecting their grade. Harmless revenge is the best.

Reason will always be a slave to the passions




Since you haven’t done anything with this domain for so long, why don’t you just sell it to someone?

My name is [redacted]. Please let me know if you would be interested in selling it.

[Name redacted]



How about finally starting up a site to rate students?

You should...


…create lists of students that professors should refuse to add to classes.

get it up and running


Operate it the same as the other sites; that was easy, wasn't it.

Miss [Name redacted]
English Teacher
[School redacted]

Happiness is a choice. Choose wisely.



Your website is the perfect opportunity for a "rebuttal" site to ratemyprofessors. If professors are public agents subject to open blogging, college students should be subjected to the same level of public, critical analysis.


I think you should make a website like except that teachers can comment on their students.

(no subject)


perhaps this site would best be used for teachers to share growing concerns about students as a whole rather than individuals. For example, each generation of students has its own issues. Perhaps those of us who hope to be quality teachers and reach even the most difficult students could not only have a place to vent our frustrations but to exchange ideas about things we find to help combat a lack of motivation, cheating, trying parents, etc.

For example, if a teacher needs to call home for the first time... or needs guidance on how to talk to a student about a particular issue (such as cheating)...

I would hate for this site to ever mention students by name. But along those lines, being anonymous would be important to protect posters from administrators, parents, and students.

Just a thought.



The domain obviously needs to be the antidote for



sell it to me...

Suggestion for website


Make something like!

(no subject)


To Whom It May Concern,

Sell it to me, or at least utilize it.


-[Name redacted]


I own and [rest of message redacted out of courtesy]

[Name redacted]

I know


OK if you havent, go to and then just make the same. just make it like find your school, then click a year like freshmen, sophmore, junior and senior and then teachers can go there and add a students name to comment on instead of a teacher




I think that professors, teachers, instructors, and teaching assistants should band together and rate the personality types and pitiful performances and excuses they encounter among their students.

Obviously, students cannot be named. But those in the teaching professions could benefit from a forum in which to gripe about student personality types.

We could start with a section on the difference between reasons and excuses—all those legitimate (the former) and not-so-legitimate (the latter) statements given to justify missing quizzes, exams, homework, and the like.

Peace out,

[Initial redacted]

An idea


You should turn into a blog on which teachers can rate their students after they do awful projects and assignments. We could take photos of them with our camera phones and then post them online and then mock them unmercilessly. I think that is what you should do with Please, write back.

(no subject)


You should make the site a lot like Where the students names appear and the teachers can rate the students on things like; Conduct, Respect, Work Ethics, Cooperative.

re: your website


To whom it may concern,

I love the name of this site!! Are you a teacher or college faculty member? I teach at a small university in [state abbreviation redacted], and was wondering what inspired you to come up with this title.

[Name redacted]




Ideas for site


Do the obvious, create a ratemyteachers-like site for student rating, or sell it to so they can do it!

What to Do with Web Site


Publish information pertaining to the compromise level of the students as well as that of the professors. Is such information really confidential, or much worse, sacrosanct????!!!!



Create a site where TEACHERS can b$&%^ about students without being accountable for our comments, just like students can at!

a teacher who's sick of it all! Welcome


Create a twin site to

At, college students give anonymous "ratings" of college professors. This is a joke, but way too many people take it seriously. It is the equivalent of writing "I hate Dr. X" on a bathroom wall.

At, you could offer college professors the chance to give anonymous ratings of students.

Let me know if you want to probe this idea further.

(no subject)


Come on already you a holes

fix your website please!


PLEASE get something done with this site!!!!!
I have been looking at it for the last 3 years and you guys never
did anything!
make it just like!!
that would be so cool.
so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase fix it!
Thanks alot!



put up fake students and see how the public responds?



Dear sir,

Are you interested in selling this domain?

[Name redacted].


What are you waiting for? You should make just like the only on this one all those tormented, abused professors could warn other teachers about the risks of trusting, adding, or otherwise trying to deal with trouble-making students. It would be a great place for professors to be warned of students who tend to cheat, plagiarize, or just exhaust all your time with threats and hassling over grades.

(no subject)


I think it should be a private chat room for teachers to troubleshoot and share success stories.

-[name redacted]

(no subject)


Hello, since the website became so popular, you should either create the website for teachers to rate their students, becassue the other website is for students to leave feedback for their teachers, so this would be popular too, or, why not SELL IT!!!! you can make big $$$ for that domain name, try ebay if you want to sell it.

(no subject)


I really think you should open it up to professors as a foil to It’d be hilarious to see what the professors think of their students.



at i beleive that you should create a site similar to where you can rate your teachers. In, you can have a site accesible to everyone for teachers to post things about their students. This could also be used to a students advantage to see what a teacher thinks about them.

Thank You,

[Name redacted]

Rate My Students


I think this site should be a revenge site to get all the little turds back for rating their teachers with horrible comments.

Go for it!

teachers vs. students


I think that since students can rate teachers, then teachers can rate students.  It can be a place where lazy parents can come online and see how their kids are acting in school. And why or why not teachers like them.  But of course.. it must be you know.. DECENT!

I'm a monkey.... :(|)

(no subject)


It's not rocket science, son. Start a website similar to the ratemyteachers site.

[Name redacted]

your site


Well, can you imagine a site that turns the tables on the students? Professors writing about which students THEY think are hot? Stupid? Lazy? Brilliant?

Nah. The whole premise is wrong. Students can choose profs. Profs can't choose students. And they generally have better things to than even think about students (that's one of the problems with higher ed!).

Hmmm. A satire site, a goof?

Nahh. It's just not that funny.

Do you realize that your site was last updated on 11-23? That's the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence. This must mean something. Maybe about rabbits. Or ... maybe not.

I wonder how many hits you do get.

Well, good luck, I guess.

i am so smart


do something with it already

[Name redacted]
RateMyTeachers Staff
AIM: SupportRMT



> What do you think should be done with this site?

Put it back to the way it was before. You're letting the legend die!

[Name redacted]
[Email redacted]

what to do


How about creating a Rate My Students site that works exactly like the Rate My Professors site?

I've been waiting for such a site for a long time, and so have many others.

Ideas for your site


I was hoping this would be a place where I could post information about students. I am talking about legitimate stuff, like

"Joe Shmo is a student at [Redacted] Community College. His grandmother died seven times this semester. He skipped a month of class and showed up at the last week, begging for extra credit. When he failed, he blamed me for his failure. Beware of this guy."

Or, on the other hand:

" Nancy Smith is a fabulous student. She is always prepared. You can use her homework as the answer key."

There is a need for a site like this. If the students can find out about the instructors before they sign up for the class, we should know what we are getting into before we walk into that classroom on the first day.

(no subject)


Hi I think you should let the teachers have the turn to rate their students. please let me know what you do with the website productions


To whom it may concern,

Your website idea is very unoriginal but a great idea for teachers to have the opportunity to express themselves freely without any consequences. I think you should take the basic layout of and enrich it with better organization. It sounds difficult but possible. Just go to view and click on source, copy and paste it and cite it properly. Even if you do change the layout a bit make sure to give them credit!


Please get this site up and running.


You should get it up and working. It will allow feedback on the students who easily post reviews on teachers that often seem unfair or based on the spur of the moment.


[Name redacted]

get it started


I am a graduate TA who will be teaching full time next year. I would like a place to vent anonymously about my so called customers (Students). The lovely yet some how always tardy future cube workers of America. I am not yet blessed to be one of the professors on rate my professor dot com...but I can't wait. I am a hard grader, I hate tardiness, and I have enough Integrity not to change grades with a bribe. I am sure they will hate me. Oh well! So please get rate my student up and going so I too can be an example of a truly vindictive member of contemporary American society.

Thank you. :)

Seriously now


Who are you?

[Name redacted]
[Position redacted]

is the site planning on going live?


Did you just buy the name to sell it or are you actually planning on starting this site?
Are you looking for investors to get started?
Do you need help getting started?

(no subject)


I would like to have the please help that happen

What happened to the web site?


It was up and now gone. Did some student pull a prank and steal the site?

[Name redacted]
[Extremely long signature with mailing address, phone numbers, and emails redacted]

Copy of NAS article?


Is it possible to get an e-copy of the RateMyStudents article that appeared in Academic Questions?

Many thanks in advance

[Name redacted]

Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

web site


Will this be a real website? Is this legit?



Please start / finish this project.. this will me awsome.. teachers all over will love this!!! a comeback for !



What is Does it have anything to do with

What is Rate My Students?


Is this anything like What is this website about? If you need any help, I'll be glad to volunteer, just ask. It's been coming soon for about a year now. Just wondering if you gave up on it. Please reply.



Are you really going to make a website where teachers
can rate students?? I hope you know that that's
illegal. Students (at least ones under 18) are minors,
and adults can't put stuff about minors on the
internet like that!!! Also, it's just plain wrong.
Teachers shouldn't be able to go on the internet and
bad-mouth their students. They're professionals, and
that would be horrible of them. They're supposed to
support and help students, not insult them on the
internet!!! I REALLY don't think you can make this
site, at least not without getting a LOT of complaints
from parents, students and teachers alike.

P.S. If that's not what this site
is going to be about, I'm sorry for this e-mail. If it
is, then I'm definitely not.

(no subject)


ple4ez putt rate my studdents soon

the mystery!


so what *is* the deal! is ratemystudents coming? soon or never... i've been checking back for many months...

anyway, i would definitely post on the site. i'm a high school teacher. i'd love to be able to leave comments and even more--to read teacher feedback from previous years. i think it would help sometimes, especially with a particularly quiet, or even difficult, student. my district has moved toward an in-house system a little like this, with electronic grade recording and reporting (with a section for teacher comments), but i think one on the web would be great. (as i like - and have even found some of the comments useful as i strive to hone my teaching techniques and skills!)

anyway, i thought you might respond and let me know what's up with the ratemystudents site.

thanks in advance, and for your efforts.

(no subject)


is it like were i can rate students from school

u suck


What the f

when are you guys coming


When are you guys coming come on! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank-a you!

Timeline and format


Just a few questions. When will your site be active and will the format be similar to

[Name redacted]



I am currently in a discussion in an online forum. I was wondering if you could anwser some questions for us.

1.Is ratemystudents legal?
2.Will it be moderated by real people?
3.With such a high turnover rate in students, how will this be logistically possable?
4.When is the "Go Live" date of the site?

We thank you for your response. Best of luck with your site.

[Name redacted]
When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.


i'll bet a lot of kids ripped you a new asshole on go fuck yourself you bitter little screwball. don't you know all that your site is going to do is tell school deans which teachers to fire? all you're doing is making it easy to weed out the shitty ones. anyway, i can't wait 'till the site is up so i can read it and laugh.




It's been over a year now. When are you starting the site?

[Name redacted]



PS: If in doubt, host the site on some obscure island like they do with warez sites! Should overcome any major probing!


Hey dude,

I see your site is in the works. What are the plans for it? What it says on the tin, I take it.

I surprised that you were able to obtain the domain name, because it's such an obvious progression from If you don't mind me asking, are you a teacher, student or a company or what?

I'm looking forward to seeing the site get going, anyway, and put up the fan-mail in the mean-time too! Finally delivering what was threatened, a website that names, shames and ridicules STUDENTS!! (and I'm a student myself!)

Best of luck with the project,
[Email redacted]



When is ratemystudents going to be up were u can rate the students?


(no subject)


hey jackass

your site has been saying it will be up and running by january 2006 at the latest, feb, march, april, may, and now june

so whaen will it be running jackass? or are you so incompetent that you can't get it up?

Is this like


Is this like except with students instead?

ur so stupid


ur rly stupid

y is the syte nt up yet?!!!111

u suck


y do u suck!? when is the website coming out!?!!? Come on u slow @$$ wipe!

(no subject)


When are you going to get this friggin thing up? You keep changing it to the next month and the next month. Just DO it.

(no subject)


When are you going to get this friggin thing up? You keep putting it off and putting it off. Just DO it.

Questions about your website



I tried to purchase this domain name a couple of months ago ( and found that there was already such a website, but it isn't ready yet. Is this going to be a website where I can post things about my most awful (and best) students? I'm interested in starting such a website but don't want to compete if that is your intention.

[Name redacted]
[Contact info redacted]

(no subject)


what is this website about and when is it coming

The website???


How much longer will us teachers have to wait for this much anticipated website to get up and running? You keep telling us: "... at the end of every month at the latest"!!!
I am a teacher based in [country redacted]

what is the purpose of your site?


I am a teacher and I was thinking just now, after visiting the pathetic, that there should be a Seems that there will be? What is the agenda of your site?

[Name redacted]
[Email redacted

Love's the only engine of survival.
--Leonard Cohen

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
-- Bertrand Russell



you have been saying coming soon for at least a year i remember when the web site said it will be finished by june 2005 "at the latest" Guess what? It obviously wasnt this is retarted finsh the fucking website already



Come on with rate my students or I will sew!

Why not just give it up?


You've been rolling over the same message for years. Why not just give it up? Or sell it to somebody who can make it work. Jeesh.

a few questions


I'm a Detroit Free Press reporter doing a story about I notice your site will be up by the end of this month. Can you tell me something about it? Founder? Purpose? I ought to include mention of the site in my story, don't you think?

[Name redacted]
Detroit Free Press
[Telephone number redacted]

Who are you?


Very funny website (just the idea is hilarious).

Who are you?

[Name redacted

great idea


I typed in this URL hoping there would be a site like this -- there certainly should be, to give the other side of the coin to Please let me know when the site goes up. Thanks!

monerater position ??


I am a trained webhost with a little expearance in java/ html scripts i would love to monerate and disigine a logo i had a few ideas for rate my student .com i have a small website [domain redacted] which i would like to trade links also if intrested.

Website Help


Hey Let me know if you need any help coding the site,
[Name redacted]

[Logo of email address redacted]

a forum


I am writing this on behave of your website I was wondering if you were planing on have some kind of forum. If you don't i think you should put a phpbb bored on there. It is real easy and will be done fast. If you are i was wondering if you need mods. I would really like it if I could be. Please send me a reply if you can.



What is this web site about? And why is it taking so long? I've been waiting for almost a year.

Hello Professor - from [Name redacted], Chicago Tribune


I was writing to get an update on the fate your your Web blog. I pulled the "webmaster" email from a site that said ratemystudents would be up again soon.

I'd love to know what your plans are......

[Name redacted]
Chicago Tribune
[Phone redacted]
[Email redacted]


When will the site be up and running?


rating students


I can't wait. I'm a teacher and I want a chance to talk back about problem students in my classes.

Hopefully, it will be anonymous enough for us to be honest.

--[Name redacted]

[Website redacted]

(no subject)


ya'll are taking mighty long building this website.cha mone

Your site


I am glad that people are now making a ratemystudents page. I was wondering if you were going to be installing a phpbb bored or some other type of forum. If you are i wish that maybe I could be mod. Please let me know when you get the chance. I hope you are making progress. If you need me email me [email address redacted]

[Name redacted]



I am writing from [name redacted], student newspaper at the University of [redacted]. I am interested in knowing if the website is still on track to open soon, and if there has been interest (from college professors) in using such a website.

Thanks for your help.


[Name redacted]
College Editor
[Paper name redacted]
[Contact details redacted]

(no subject)


hurry up already ive been tryin to go on since last summer

support for idea


Please! Get this site started!

Parents and students can see how a student is viewed objectively as a student by those who have experienced hundreds or thousands of students.

Might help those whose view is only protective nesting to encourage their student to see what that student needs to improve in order to have traits that will allow them to succeed in a job or in college and then in a job.

There are students who are so frustrating because they practice behaviors that, if continued, will thwart their endeavors to maintain a job or to do well in a college class, yet they do not realize this and their parents are lobbying only for so-called “good grades” now, in high school, not caring that a good grade in high school put on the record by teachers harassed by the parent, instead of good grade earned by the student by actually learning (by practicing learning strategies) is counter-productive to the student’s future well-being.

The students who are the most frustrating: disruptive to the others’ learning, or insular (shutting out without showing evidence of being able to absorb information on their own), or passive (cooperating with class procedures and looking up answers but not thinking about new information) are frustrating because I feel so sorry for them: knowing that they COULD be practicing skills that would enable them to be successful at a job or college or then a job, but that they currently lack the incentive (either internal or applied by the parent) to practice them.

And it will be much more difficult to become facile in these skills later in life than it is an adolescent.

To reiterate: I feel the most sorry for those students whose parents adamantly shield them from current, more ephemeral, evaluations, to the detriment of future evaluations which will have results that are much more serious to that student.

Better to see the result of D effort in a high school course as being a D, which might get the self-esteem going enough to think and work enough raise this earning, than to see that the amount of effort required to earn a D will instead be recorded as a C or B due to the loud squawking of a parent. Why? Because that loud, squawking behavior of the parent will not make an iota of difference to an employer, who cares about: are you a person who can be relied upon to do the job by being here and thinking enough to execute the thinking and actions required to do the job.

can you send me a notcie when it gets back up?


[Email address redacted]

More to come...